I put my hands on the Xduoo X20 and i got amazed.

200€ are not a lot for an hifi player, you can definitely agree on that, but this Xduoo player really gives out the maximum out from its cost.

This sample was provided by shenzhenaudio, you can buy here:


The solid machined aluminuim body and the fake leather case included in the package really give a good impression out of the box, a product overall not light but sturdy enough to leave a good feeling in your hands.

The case fits perfectly the player giving full acces to the side buttons, but struggles to get off.

Before you turn on the player you have to insert your micro sd memory card because there is no internal memory available, i suggest a premium speed micro sd (minimum a class 10) to avoid lag during songs loading.




Let’s press the power on button and let’s try to learn the menu system, there is no touchscreen available so you have to navigate through directional buttons (the only real negative point i can notice over this product).

You can search your music in the auto updated catalog made by the device itself or by browsing directories, last way is better if your music lacks of tags and you dont like confusion.

After some time you will learn the navigation system and get used to it without too much effort, I promise.

This player has some extra functions besides the player itself, it is a usb DAC and has bluetooth audio out, however without atleast a pair of headphones with APT X protocol it’s useless. My apple airpods supports this HQ Bluetooth audio protocol and i will tell about them later in the review.


Audio Quality:

Test with Custom Art Fibae 2:

I plugged my beloved Custom Art Fibae 2 through unbalanced output and played some songs from the album Graceland by Paul Simon.

The first impression was really good, vocals and folk-rock instrumentals perfectly in line with what I expected from those headphones, clean and defined. The only thing i noticed different from other players was a bit of unwanted sibilance in the highs range, later i discovered in the player settings that you can chose the type of sound decay that by default was set up to “instant”, when i switched to “soft” it solved all of my problems. From now on i will use this setting.

Switched album and played some Post Malone from the album “Stoney”, good sound stage and well defined bass range for some fast peced songs, good impression left by “Congratulations” played with really good trasparency.

Good voice representation in Test Drive by Joji, good piano detail and powerful bass extension.

I also played some Vivaldi from the album “Quattro Stagioni” and enjoyed the maximum that the Fibae 2 could deliver in strings and highs listening, considering they give the best in mid-bass range.

Test with Heir 10:

Comparing with previous tracks:

There is a good emphasis on the voice of Paul Simon , great clarity and transparency for the instrumental sections. Increased definition of armonics in these folk songs.

You can feel a slight warmth added in the mid-bass for Post Malone tracks and a really good rappresentation of the soundstage even in the most dynamic parts of it’s songs.

Even more bass pumped out from Test Drive, over emphasized by the artist but not really appreciated by all, still reproduced with enough clarity.

An extra smile comes from the sound extension you can appreciate with “Quattro stagioni”, really good rappresentation of strings and bass in terms of clarity and definition.

The Heir 10 can do better with a more powerful player, but the x20 plays his cards nicely.

I tested other well known songs to my ears and none of them showed negative surprises and after more than an hour of listening i had absolutely no stress on my ears, a good sign of a consistent output.

I also tried my airpods enabling Apt X protocol and i clearly noticed an increase of general detail and transparency on the highs and more spatial separation on the mid-bass compared to my everyday player (Oneplus 5).

As last test i tried the balanced output and got a little wider sound stage and trasparency without losing any of the previous goals.

After some weeks of listening i can assume an overall a pretty balanced sound, no evident colorization given by the player itself and no audible problems like clipping or distortion present at all with my current setup. Transparent on all range with no emphasis, something you can listen for a long time.

The fact that the battery can not be removed is a relatively easy problem to overcome, it is not soldered on the board so with a similar part you can complete the replace by yourself without much hassle, just be gentle.



DUNU FALCON C: wide soundstage, with good clarity and transparent sound. Upper midrange can result a bit harsh. Sub-bass is very refined with good speed and dynamic.

NOBLE AUDIO EDC VELVET: good sinergy, but not great like my Opus1s. Overall, this Xduoo gives a good clarity and good instrument separation. Sound is not the fullest one and most controlled, but is quite natural and detailed for the price range( better than my Fiio m7).

IBASSO IT01: fun sound, with strong bass presence and sparkles on the top end. Soundstage is quite wide and holographic. This Xduoo can drive IT01 both in se and balanced output easily.

I found some noise with multi-balanced iems like aroma audio yao and nfaudio 6i, obviously, will never suggest to use a 200usd player with a 1000/2000 usd iem. If you are looking for a neutral/clean sounding player, with quite wide soundstage and enough power to drive most of the iems out there, this Xduoo x20 could be a great choice for you, special at this price range.

Here are some extra specifications:

For the headphone output (3.5mm):

Output power: 210mW (32Ω/THD +N<0.0015%)

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz (±0.15dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): ≥114dB

Resolution: >75dB

Distortion + noise: 0.0015%@1kHz (32Ω@1kHz)

For the balanced headphone output (2.5mm):

Line output: 300mW (32Ω/THD +N<0.0015%)

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz (±0.15dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): ≥116dB

Resolution: >112dB

Distortion + noise: 0.0015%@1kHz (32Ω@1kHz)

For the line out:

Line output level: 1.7Vrms (10KΩ@1kHz)

Frequency response: 20Hz~20kHz(±0.15dB)

Signal-to-noise ratio (SNR): ≥114dB

Resolution: >108dB (10KΩ@1kHz)

Distortion + noise: 0.0012@1kHz (10KΩ)

Other parameters

Built-in 2400mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery

Battery life: 8 hours (3.5mm headphone output)

About 7 hours (balanced headphone output)

Charging time: < 3 hours (DC5V 2A)

< 6 hours (DC5V 500MA)

Size: 110*56*16.6mm

Weight: 138g

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