Some months ago, i had the opportunity to review the Ambient Acoustic LAM7( flagship model), a really interesting product, with eight sound signatures in one iem thanks to manual switching on the shell and their LAM technology.

For more info about my LAM7 review, you can check here:

Today we are going to have a look to their AM6 custom model.
Just to know, Ambient Acoustics is working on new models with 16 and 24 drivers, quite interesting stuff!.
On their official site, is possible to find many and detailed info, even a frequency graph for each of
their models in catalogue.

AM6 unit was sent me for the purpose of this review, I am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own. Would like to thanks Ambient Acoustics team for sending me this unit giving me the opportunity to test it.

DRIVER CONFIGURATION: Six BA drivers per ear


About LAM6: “ These custom in-ear monitors are implemented all our many years experience of individual stage monitoring tools designing! AM6-HiRez individual monitors have six balanced armature drivers that reproduce the entire audible range of human hearing, from infralow to ultra high frequency components. This model will be appreciated by audiophiles and experienced sound engineers, because the AM6-HiRez audio feed can be described as a musical, with the most marked “personal” sense of presence, but with clarity and “sound transparency” which is necessary for stage work!”.


PACKAGING: AM6 comes in a standard hard case, that is quite useful on the go. The order process is quite simple: their site offers a real-time visualiser, that is not nice looking like Visionear tool,for example, but makes its job.
The iem is very comfortable( obviously will depend by the quality of the earimpression) and smaller than other 6ba ciem i already reviewed.
The cable is very solid and just to be honest really nice. As for LAM7 The Silver detachable Ambient Cord uses not a two normal pin plugs, but screw ones, so will not be compatible with aftermarket cables( talking with Ambient Acoustics Lab, they told me customers can ask them for hybrid connectors in order to use both their cable, both two-pin MMCX aftermarket cables.


SOUND: All my sound consideration has been made after 100 hours of burn in, with different DAPs such as Opus1s, Opus2, Astell and kern se100, iFi Nano Idsd black label and my iphone 6 too.
This AM6 is on the bright side, making a great job with female voices. I would say that this model fits both audiophile and monitoring needs. Can result good for monitoring, cause it is able to bring out lots of detail without coloring too much the scene, but its revealing nature can create some problems with bad recorded tracks. Even if the sound is quite neutral, there are slightly emphasis on sub-bass region and upper mids that helps to satisfy music lovers and audiophiles too.

Bass, even if a bit emphasized in tuning, has the typical BA impact, i would say is not the strong point of this IEM. Overall, the bass is correct, never covering vocals, but i would prefer here a more mid-bass presence, helping to give more body to instruments in this frequency range.
The AM6 can sound a bit thin, due to the emphasis on the upper-mid region, but never result too harsh or annoying with good recorded tracks.
Soundstage is great on this IEM, offering a good out of the head experience. Soundstage is a bit wider than deeper, always showing a good instrument separation.
The AM6, is quite easy to drive, but more than power needs, i found the player sinergy can help this iem to sound less forgiving and more natural. Just an example, my Opus2, helped to have a more mid-bass presence and a more controlled upper midrange. Overall, i would use a neutral/warm sounding DAP with this IEM.


AM6 with ak se100: se100 can drive easily the AM6, it helps to have a better and more layered bass impact. Vocals are more forward, but with some tracks the upper mids can result a bit too pronounced. Instrument separation is great with this player, but SE100 portrays a more intimate sound compared to my Opus2. The overall result is a clean sounding combo, with better bass impact and better vocal presence.

AM6 with Opus2: great sinergy: very wide and holographic stage. Opus 2 helps to add more mid-bass presence, but lacks the sub-bass impact of the Akse100. Vocals are a bit less forward and clean, but here i found a more controlled upper midrange. The overall result is a more controlled and natural sound, with very wide stage and a more organic feeling.

AM6 with Fiio M7: m7 can’t compete with Opus 2 and akse100, in both layering, tonality and instrument separation, but can drive very good this IEM, adding a more bass presence and clean vocals. Soundstage is very wide here, but instrument separation are a bit more confused.


AM6 VS INEARZ EUPHORIA: Inearz has more full-bodied sound, with more mid-bass bass quantity. Euphoria is less forgiving with bad recorded tracks, with more forward vocals. On the other side, AM6 has a cleaner sound with a touch wider stage, but less depth.

AM6 vs LARKSTUDIO LSX(10BA): this is not a fair comparison, since LSX has 10 drivers per side and costs 2x. LSX sounds warmer and with a more natural tonality. Bass on LSX has more impact and a better layering. Vocals on both these IEMs, are a bit recessed, but AM6 shows a more picky sound on the upper midrage, adding more clarity to the scene, but sounding less forgiving with bad recorded tracks. Soundstage is a touch wider on AM6, but results more mature and natural on LSX, showing equal stage in width and depth.

PROS: good price for a 6BA iem, clarity and instrument separation, wide soundstage, easy to drive

CONS: i think this IEM fits better musician and sound engineers needs than audiophile ones.

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