InEarz is a company quite famous in custom community for its build quality and great sound at affordable price factor, based In the USA they design and manufacture all products in their lab based in Casselberry, FL.
As always, would like to write something about the origin and philosophy of the company:

“Here at InEarz Audio we want to bring a high quality yet very affordable product, whether its for professionals in the music industry or just someone who just likes to listen to good music. We are a family owned and family operated business that strives to bring the best customer service around and to make sure all of our customers are satisfied”.
Kaysen followed me during the all build process and answered to all my questions about the product, so is always beautiful to feel a “soul” behind a company name.

Today I am going to review their standard Euphoria model with 6BA(2 Low, 2 Mid, 2 High); just recently they introduced ADEL module for all their products in catalogue( plus 200USD). ADEL is a revolutionary “second eardrum” called the Ambrose Diaphonic Ear Lens (ADEL™) which absorbs harmful in-ear pressures, thereby preserving the health of the human ear, thus allowing people to more safely hear sound the way it needs to be heard. In the near future, hope to review the model with ADEL module, in order to explain better how this technology improves comfort and sound quality perceived.

Euphoria unit was sent me as a sample unit, I am not affiliated with the company and all observations and opinions will be only my own. Would like to thanks Kaysen and inEarz team for sending me this unit giving me the opportunity to test this sweet and natural IEM.

PRICE: 999 USD (basic model)


PACKAGING: packaging is quite simple, but premium. Euphoria arrived in a black, sturdy case with inEarz sticker, a microfiber cleaning cloth and a wax-cleaning tool. In my package was included a pair of Earasers Earplugs, but don’t know if customers will receive it too.
Build quality is excellent: with rounded acrylic shell, I never felt any pain issues or bad fit. The product is sturdy and will give you surely a premium feeling. Obviously will update my review, If will find any build issues in the next months.
My Euphoria model came in a grey/transparent color with a detachable 2pin cable and recessed sockets( you can add this option for 20USD). Thanks to recessed sockets you can move the cable-end further into the shell and provide a more sturdy mounting point for the cable and the pins of the cable, thus protecting it more. To my surprise, stock cable not only has a great build quality, but has a great audio synergy with this model: I tried many aftermarket cables, but none of them can compete with the stock one. Out of the box, this IEM with stock cable, will sound just perfect: natural, sweet and transparent.


At the beginning, left channel gave me some strange pressure issue; so talking with Kaysen, we agreed to wait few days, and right now it goes just perfect. I am quite impressed they made such a good work with my ear impressions, that was not one of the greatest( maybe one of the worst they have ever seen in their lab). For this, I truly suggest you to wait one week after getting you custom IEM, in order to get used to its fit. You can customize almost every aspect of the design: you can change canal, shell, cable and faceplate color adding ADEL technology, recessed sockets or custom artwork logo. To be honest, I just sent them the photo I liked the most on their facebook page, and work is done.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: If I liked build quality and premium feeling of Euphoria, its technical capabilities just amazed me. Is quite surprising, how inEarz with only 6BA created and tuned such a natural and great sounding IEM. Reading on their site, I was expecting a warm, bassy signature, but to my surprise Euphoria has a perfect combination of natural and fun sound. Tuning an IEM for audiophile people is not so simple: must be natural, with great definition and resolution, but never fall in a boring result. InEarz made just a great job with the tuning of this model. At the beginning, voices and dynamic weren’t so great. I am not a believer of burn-in for multi balanced IEM, so assume what improved the sound was the fit, that improved over one week. So if you are going to buy your first custom product, just use it for one week, in order to have a better fit and so a better reproduction.


SOUND: All my sound consideration has been made after 100 hours of burn in , with different DAPs such as AK KANN, Opus 1s, fiio x3, x5, iFi Nano Idsd black label. I tried this IEM for many hours on the go and does very good with Tidal and my iPhone too. Obviously with better sources reproduction has better clarity, a more refined bass response and wider soundstage, but overall this Euphoria makes a great job out of whatever source it’s connected to. This thing, makes this IEM an all rounder: not only sounds great with average sources, but works good with 320Kbs files too( obviously with lossless music benefits the overall performance).
Euphoria has a natural approach to music, everything is controlled and refined with good detail retrieval. Balanced is the strong point of this IEM, with a touch of emphasis on bass frequencies to avoid a boring sound. As stated before, inEarz made a great job in tuning this IEM providing a never fatiguing IEM.

BASS: bass response is a bit emphasized, but always controlled and never overwhelming. Sub bass has excellent impact and decay, thing that is not so common in balanced IEMs(obviously can’t compete with dynamic driver on this price range, but for sure, has a great bass response among BA drivers. Mid-bass has a great control and never warm too much the scene. This is not a product for bass-head people, I would say that is more for audiophile ones. The overall tuning of this IEM will give you an audiophile approach to music, with a touch of fun given by the slightly bass emphasis. Listening to “Royals” of Lorde, bass is strong, fast and articulated giving a great rhythm to the track.

MIDS: voices are greatly reproduced, both male and female ones. Tonality and realism are great with good definition, never resulting veiled or lacking body. I would define voices “smooth and liquid”, they are never harsh and never too much in face. They are just a bit behind to give a better soundstage( never think that this is a v-shaped IEM). Euphoria can compete with my Aroma Audio YAO 12BA, that costs 2x its price range in voices reproduction: they are both great IEMs if you love vocals, Yao will give you overall a more organic and fuller sound, on the other side Euphoria has a more liquid, neutral one.

HIGHS: trebles are a bit behind, so if you are a trebleish man, this is not the IEM for you. Euphoria has a good clarity and definition on this spectrum, but it doesn’t never result harsh . If you have hiss problems, Euphoria will be a good choice for you, giving a smooth, natural and never fatiguing experience.
I really love this IEM cause is capable to give you “liquid” trebles, so they never cut like razors, they are smooth, but still, capable of good clarity, definition and detail.

SOUNDSTAGE: soundstage is another strong point of this IEM: wide, but still coherent. Instrument are well placed around you, with great instrumental separation(obviously the final result will depend by the source quality). For example, with astell&kern kann soundstage is great, and you can “feel” the air and space between every instrument. Depth and height are above average, but width will surely amaze you giving you a good “out of the head” experience( obviously can’t compete with semi-open headphones, but makes an excellent job, considering its closed nature). Channel separation is remarkable and you can easily pinpoint every instrument in the space around you.
Dynamic is quite good and well controlled, this thing will help to give you a great tempo and rhythm, but at the same time a gentle and never fatiguing performance.
Like most of the multi-BA IEMs, impedance is quite low, so you can easily drive it with everything and to my surprise Euphoria doesn’t suffer of any hiss issues.


PAIRINGS: the natural and quite revealing signature of Euphoria, makes quite easy the pairing with most of the sources over there, so you will surely not have any problems in this field.

EUPHORIA WITH AK KANN: I found a great synergy with this DAP: Kann, as always, helps to give an airy sound with excellent musicality. I can easily drive this IEM in low gain pushing the volume to 70/80. Bass is well controlled with good impact, but if you love a strong bass response, this is not the ideal combo for you.
Voices are reproduced with great accuracy, realism and details. Timbre is excellent, resulting in a natural and liquid presentation. Treble are a bit smooth, but still with good clarity,definition and extension. Maybe, I would like just a bit more sparkles. Instrument separation is just great with good air and space between every instruments. Soundstage is quite big, in particular this combo will give you a very wide one.

EUPHORIA WITH OPUS1S: this DAP will give you a more organic sound with a full and punchy bass response, Rumble and impact are outstanding with that slam that always bring me to move at the rhythm of music. Voices are more organic and less liquid, with great realism. Opus1s will give you good clarity and definition on top end spectrum. Soundstage is big and holographic, but can’t compete with ak kann.

EUPHORIA WITH IFINANO BLACK LABEL: this DAC/AMP will give you a warmer sound with great bass response: very punch and rounded. Voices are more organic, but smoothens up too much treble response. If you love a relaxed and sweet sound, you should significantly consider this pairing.

EUPHORIA WITH AUNE X1S DESKTOP DAC/AMP: X1S helps to give more sparkle and trebles, but sometime can result too boring. It just sounds good, but lacks the engaging and musical sound of Kann or Opus1s. To my surprise, Euphoria will not give you any hiss problem with this source too.

EUPHORIA WITH IPHONE 6 PLUS AUDIRECT WHISTLE DAC/AMP: Whistle will give enough power to drive this IEM. The overall sound is quite good with excellent bass response and voices reproduction. Soundstage is quite wide, but can’t compete with Kann and Opus 1s. This combo will give you a natural performance with good definition.

EUPHORIA WITH IPHONE 6: to my surprise this IEM sounds just great with my iphone too, with a very wide soundstage and great instrument separation. My iphone6 can’t compete with expensive DAPs, in particular in dynamic and bass response, but makes a good job with most of the low impedance IEMs. Euphoria is an all rounder IEM, sounding great with just poor sources like smartphones, and I really appreciated this thing on the go .


COMPARISONS: at this time Euphoria is my first custom IEM, but will receive other ones in the next months, so will update my review in the near future. Is quite interesting to see how Euphoria competes with other premium universal IEMs.

EUPHORIA VS UNIQUE MELODY MIRACLE V2: Miracle has more fun and engaging sound signature with stronger and punchier bass response, on the other side Euphoria has a more neutral approach with a more accurate timbre. Miracle has more sparkle on top end, on the other side Euphoria has a more “liquid” and more smooth treble response. Soundstage is wider on InEarz IEM, with better instrument separation.

EUPHORIA VS HEIR AUDIO 10(10BA): Heir IEM has more mid-bass presence with overall a more congested scene. On the other side Euphoria shows a more audiophile approach to music: with faster and more accurate bass response. Voices on Euphoria are more accurate both in timbre both in presence. Soundstage is quite wide in both of this IEMs. Overall Euphoria has a more accurate and natural sound with better control over the all frequencies.

EUPHORIA VS CUSTOM ART FIBAE 2: they both share fast and articulate bass response, but Euphoria has a fuller and stronger bass response. Voices are more detailed and have more body on the InEarz IEM. Soundstage is a bit wider on Euphoria, that is capable to portray a more coherent space around you.

EUPHORIA VS RHAPSODIO INFINITY( 20BA): you may think that this comparison should be quite unfair, since infinity shows 20 balanced armature, but it is not so. Euphoria, here, is a clear winner with better dynamic and most important thing, a more natural tuning. Bass is stronger with a better impact on Euphoria. Infinity has a bit wider soundstage with a bit airier scene. Overall Euphoria has a better sound, with a more correct and audiophile approach to music.

CONCLUSION: At the end of this review, is quite clear that Euphoria is a special IEM. inEarz made such a great work tuning it; final result is a neutral and refined reproduction with a touch of emphasized bass that will give you a natural enjoyment. As I wrote at the beginning of this review, is quite hard to produce an audiophile product: it must be natural, detailed with good resolution, but never fall in the boring side. InEarz with this Euphoria model, made all these things, and for me, this company can surely compete with all the other premium companies out there( that maybe can have a more aggressive approach to the market with tons of reviews and sharing on socials, but this company, with its “family soul” created not only a great sounding IEM, but a special one, with that special natural sound, liquid voices and never fatiguing presentation will surely satisfy your audiophile needs.

Great job inEarz.

PROS: build quality, dynamic, wide soundstage, overall a natural, coherent and never fatiguing reproduction, matchability with different sources

CONS: treble could be a bit behind

• 2 Low, 2 Mid, 2 High Balanced Armatures
• Triple Bore Design
• Impedance: 12 Ohm @ 1kHz
• Noise Isolation: -26dB (+/- 2dB)
• Input connecter: 1/8″ (3.5mm)Stereo Jack
• Shells made from medical grade, hypoallergenic acrylic


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